Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bohol Escapade (2nd day)

Hello there! I've finally finished blogging about my Bohol Escapade (1st day). After the day tour, we headed to Guindulman, kuya Jun2x's hometown. From Carmen proper, we waited for a bus going to their place but since it was a holiday that day, we had a hard time catching a bus. We waited for about two hours and because of that we had no choice but to take a bus going to the town of Pilar. From Pilar, we were able to get V-hire going to Candijay. It was really dark that time and we were not really familar with the place. Good thing, after a few minutes of waiting in Candijay, some relatives of kuya Jun2x arrive and we headed to Guindulman. Whew! 

We are very thankful to Esquilla family for accommodating and taking care of us when we were there. Their family is really fun to be with! 

And so after eating dinner, we were able to sleep. 

Day 2 

The following day, we planned to go the beach. We went to a public beach just a few minutes away from Esquilla's residence. 

We opted not to swim that time. We just went there to ponder on some thoughts and enjoy the beauty of nature. :D

After some time, we then went back to kuya Jun2x's house and ate our lunch. In the afternoon, we then went to Anda (I'll be writing a different blog post for this). Stay tuned! 

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