Monday, January 13, 2014

Love @ Chateau de Busay

For busy people out there who wants to escape the busy life of the city, there are a lot of places you can go to here in Cebu that will temporarily make you forget your busy schedule and of course, make you relax.

Last Friday, after a wedding that I attended to, the reception took place at Chateau de Busay. It's located at Lower Busay Hills, Nivel Hills, Lahug Cebu City. That was actually the first time that I went to the place and thankfully we had our own means of transportation. If you don't have your own transportation, taxis can take you there, but you would have to pay around P 300-500 (or it depends on how well you can make a deal. :D). You can also take the motorcycle or locally known as "habal-habal". You can spot them along the street side at JY Square in Lahug. Chateau de Busay is a popular place for weddings, wedding receptions, parties, etc.

Once you arrived at the place, it will take you aback and you may want to just stay there and have peace and serenity. (LOL) What I mean here is that being on the "top" of Cebu and being able to see what Cebu can offer... it's really worth going there. The cold breeze will welcome you with open arms. (haha)

The food served during the reception was also good plus if you just want to unwind at Chateau de Busay, they also offer fine dining. 

And on that day, overlooking Cebu, two hearts become one, now and forever. <3

Congratulations once again ate Odessa and kuya Brene! :) 

photo credits: Ms. Emma Ramas


  1. Hahaha! Do they accept sight-seeing guests only? :D

    1. I'm not really sure Mau. You can contact them, just to be sure. hehe :D