Thursday, June 12, 2014

Maleficent-- A story told anew..

For children (or even young at heart) who grew up watching Disney movies, we'll never forget the wicked villain who cast a curse to Princess Aurora in the movie Sleeping Beauty-- Maleficent! 

source: impawards
Maleficent is a movie that folds a story anew from the villain's point of view. It tells us why a once good fairy turned her heart to stone because  of someone who took advantage of her.

Of course, Princess Aurora plays a big part in the movie too. Discover how Aurora grew close to the forest kingdom and most especially how she made Maleficent's stoned heart break free. 


  1. I really love the movie! Exemplary! ♥ I was expecting some scenes but then it turned out it got the best of me. Was expecting actually that Maleficent would die and there would be tear-jerking scenes, but actually, it turned out happy in the end. Now that's definitely a happy ending!

  2. This movie is superb! I see Maleficent in a new light. The effects were utterly amazing and Angelina Jolie---well, I couln't think of any one who could do a much better than her. Hands down to Maleficent.