Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hanging Bridge in Sevilla

After encountering our animal friends, the group's next destination is the Hanging Bridge in Sevilla. This is also a popular attraction for tourists. It would take around 10 minutes going to Sevilla from Zoocolate Thrills. There are two bridges which crosses the Sipatan River

You need to pay Php 20/ person before you can cross the bridge. It's not really scary when crossing the bridge, just feel the wonder of nature around you. hehe Before, this bridge was constructed with bamboo and rope and now, you need not worry that much because they already used some steel cables for safety purposes.

Once you cross the river on one side, you will be welcomed with some souvenir shops and there are also some snacks and drinks for refreshment. You can also find the "Buko King" which was featured in TV before. FYI: He can strip a coconut using just his teeth!

Souvenir Shops
Next stop --> Tarsier Conservation Area. 


  1. Haha I want to meet the Buko King. :(

    1. haha. I really want to watch him strip those coconuts but we need to pay a fee first. haha

    2. I forgot Mau. haha But I think dili to more than Php 300. ;)