Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zoocolate Thrills

For our next stop, we went to Zoocolate Thrills still located in Loboc. This zoo houses tigers, the longest snake and other animals as well.

Before entering the place, you would need to pay the entrance fee:

Adult- Php 99/ person
Children- Php 69/ person
Senior Citizen- Php 79/person 

Then off you go the happiest place! 

The place was quite large. There were several trees and a playground for kids and kids at heart. ;P

Since they offer also a free guide, we were then introduced to Tiggy and Maja. These tigers were enormous! Our guide told us that they feed these tigers 8 kilos of chicken for each tiger everyday! 

So when we had enough oohhhss and aaahhhs from Tiggy and Maja, we then went to check out other animals. Here's Zooco:

Yep! I touched it. :P I was actually having some chills while having this picture taken. haha Anyways, it was a great experience touching the snake. haha

After that heart thumping moment with Zooco, we checked out some animals.

I really want to ride that miniature horse. Too bad, I can't because only children can do so. -__- They also have a sheep (which I thought was a statue at the first place coz' it was not moving), some monkeys, ducks, monitor lizard, and a Siamese cat.

After meeting our animal friends, we then decided to go to our next destination--> Sevilla Hanging Bridge. Stay tuned! 

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  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAA! The tigers ♥ I envy! Anyway, is Zooco really the longest snake in the Philippines?

    1. The tigers are so "cuddly". haha If only I can cuddle them, that would be great,aw :P For Zooco, I'm not really sure if it's the longest in the Philippines but he was really long. :O