Monday, April 27, 2015

Tarsier Conservation Area

Tarsiers are considered as one of the smallest primates in the world. Unfortunately, these primates are already enlisted as one of the endangered species in the world. Going for a trip in Bohol, one should not miss visiting the Tarsiers.

Located at Upper Bonbon, Loboc, the Tarsier Conservation Area is one of the homes of Bohol's Tarsiers. Upon entering the sanctuary, you would need to pay Php 60. You will then get your ticket plus a take home postcard. Then you will be oriented about the dos and don'ts when inside the area.

Rules that you must follow 
Because the area was about six hectares, we had a hard time looking for them. Since they were so small, we were literary popping our eyes in every nook. Haha Then we saw them  one by one and yes, they really are super small with big eyes and long tail. The experience was really awesome. I would gladly visit them again next time. 

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