Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Man-made Forest (Bilar)

With the scorching heat of the sun, the shade from the trees would surely make people feel refreshed. Tourists taking the Loboc-Bilar route would probably pass through the Man-made Forest and with its towering mahogany trees, one would really feel that you are transported in an enchanted place. ;)

The Man-made forest stretches as far as 2 kilometers and anyone who passes will surely make a stop and take some pictures (like us. haha) Now some maybe wondering why they made this forest? The reason for that is that 50 years ago, they started replacing the trees which were lost due to the widespread kaingin.

FYI: Kaingin is the practice of clearing the land by slashing and burning the trees and plowing the ashes for fertilizer. 

A quick visit in the man-made forest is surely a refreshing experience especially for people who are living in the city.

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  1. It's beautiful. It's great that the trees were replanted. I'd love to go there too.

    1. Thanks Kim! It's really great that people are becoming more aware these days. Come and visit the Philippines! :)

  2. Hey Tar! Nindut kaayo iphotoshoot diri. Haha. Anyway, pwed magphotoshoot? Did you get the chance to ask? Photoshoot or picnic or camping?

    1. Hi Mau! I agree, nice jud mag photoshoot dri. I think pwede ra magphotoshoot dri pero dapat magbantay mo sa mga sakyanan. haha And wala koy mapangutana man. hehe Picnic? Maybe pwede mo mo stop over kay I saw some people who made a stop and ate but for camping, that I do not know. :D