Friday, January 23, 2015

Vaño Beach

It's still the first month of the year but the heat of the summer is now on! So last Saturday, my family together with Richard and some of our friends hit a local beach in Lapu-lapu City. At around 9:00 o'clock in the morning, we departed from Country Mall and headed to Mandaue Public Market. There, we haggled for a jeepney that would take us to Vaño Beach located in Marigondon.

Once you arrived at the place and you have a vehicle with you, you will be paying a toll fee of Php 20.00 and when you reach the entrance for the beach, you have to pay of course the entrance fee. Since we were 14 people all in all, we got one cottage which was Php 500.00 good for 10 people and the remaining 4 people would have to pay Php 50.00 per head.

Vaño Beach is not a new place to me anymore. I have been here for quite a few times already and I was really having second thoughts of going back there again because the image that painted my mind was not that pleasing. haha But then when I looked around the place, it definitely had some changes (well, not really that major though, but at least it's different now).

So we settled in our cottage while the boys cooked our lunch. After the food was devoured, we rested for a while and hit the water!

We also rented a motorboat for Php 25.00 per head and we went to a "secret island" according to the man who manned the boat. It was not really that secret, but at least we were able to see a new place. Took a lot of pictures and enjoyed swimming for about an hour. Then we headed back to Vaño Beach.

At around 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the jeepney that we negotiated came back and our little Sunday escapade ended. :D


  1. LAB LAB! ♥ Waaaa. Want to go there too!

    1. Murag lageh sya white sand sa? Would love to explore. :)

    2. mura ra, haha pero dili jud na xa white jud nga white. :D