Wednesday, February 11, 2015

La Marea Pastry Shop

For sweet lovers out there, there's something you can definitely devour when you're strolling at IT Park. Located at The Walk, La Marea is a haven for someone who has a sweet tooth. From mouthwatering cakes, Sylvanas, cookies and their signature warm brownie cup; these sweets will surely satisfy your cravings!

Yesterday, after a tiring day at work, we visited La Marea. When we entered the shop, we were delighted to see all the sweets welcoming us. The mixture of coffee scent and the sweet smell of cakes beckoned us to make our order. :D

La Marea is a local pastry and coffee shop in Cebu which serves cakes and their famous warm brownie cups. So we ordered their brownie cups in three different flavors. We had their Chocolate Warm Brownie Cup, white chocolate cup and their chocolate sugar-free cup. All were surely delicious! Brownie cup's starts at Php 110. The secret in eating this is to eat it quickly-- making sure that you have a spoonful of brownie and the vanilla ice cream!

Chocolate Warm Brownie Cup
Next, we also ordered their meringue cake which was also good. And last but not the least, we had one whole Oreo Cake and it's good as well!

Meringue Cake

Oreo Cake
Thanks to Mdm Sharpay for the delicious sweet treat! :)