Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gimme s'mores!

We visited Krispy Kreme today to claim Richard's 3rd visit of the month reward. Looking at the display, my eyes were caught by the Salted S'mores donut! All this week, I don't know what's going on my mind, I have been thinking about s'mores. Haha So I ordered one and instantly when I took my first bite, I gave it a two thumbs up! It's a limited edition donut so you better hurry and grab one!

When I went back to the office, I immediately told Mau about the s'mores donut. Then we talked about s'mores and we're now planning to make our own version. :D

Anyways, this reminds me of Karla's version. We made this version of s'mores. Haha It was so chocolatey and gooey.

I guess this post is getting sweet so I better stop. Haha


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