Monday, October 22, 2012

Art in Food

Art is everywhere, whether you look here or you look there, you'll never miss a glimpse of art. Art is there even in the smallest detail and as time passes by, art has extended its beauty and now we can enjoy not only the taste of food but as well as the sight of it. How can one satisfy one's hunger just by looking at a dish? Food Arts has the answer!

As an art enthusiast, I was very excited to try out making art out of food. If you're a beginner (like me), it will really take a lot of patience for you to be able to make it!

Fortunately, Miss Rosella Luneta, the woman behind Food Arts had been very patient in teaching us though, thank you so much! After some hours of hard work, Ta-dah! Presenting my Food Art:

An apple for a swan, how's that? :D

Some carrot twists.

Flowers! And can you see those spiral thingy? Those are chayote and potato. ;)

Flowers in a vase. (That's my vase. haha)

Food Arts is a very helpful tool in beautifying one's dishes. For interested enthusiasts, you can own your very own Food Arts.

Food Arts consists of the following:

Miss Rosella Aguado-Luneta's step-by-step instructions can be found in these books. The books are available at National Bookstore.

MSN Onion EmoticonsP.S. For more information, you can contact me.


  1. ikaw gahimo ani tara-letz??? nice xa dai....gai ko b gutom oizt....kkk

  2. Hey Tar. Mind teaching me the concepts of how to do this sorcery called as " food art"? And when was this?

  3. Hey Nate! How's life?? haha Sure, if I have the time. But you can learn it by yourself too, just buy the books. ;) I made this last year actually, but the woman behind Food Arts came over last week and so I decided to share this. :)

  4. Yep Dora. Me gahimu. hehe ug si mama. Gikaon naman nako, ig lunch nalang ta kaon. :D

  5. Really? I have a sinking feeling I will enjoy this once I try it out. But I'm not so good at artsy stuff. ;) Mind teaching? I hear that experience is the best teacher. And I am lazy when I read books. ;A;

  6. haha. I agree, let's see. :)