Monday, October 15, 2012

Life's Contingency

As I was cleaning up my desk, I came upon this essay that I wrote back in 2010.  I just want to share this one, so here it is:

Life is a door. Once we open it, we will be able to see the other side. Though some of us are courageous enough to open doors, there are barriers that sometimes block our way. Everyone has the opportunity to open doors that will lead us in discovering things that we aren't aware of. Yet, we cannot go through it because there are some blockades. Thus, some of us give up too early not knowing that we have turned down an opportunity that life has to offer.

We are all capable of doing things. It's just that some people belittle our capacity because they think that we are not apt for it.

We are donned with different talents. Talents that we should make use of. As a saying goes, “Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with is your gift to God”. Yet how can we maximize these talents if we let other people block our way.

Sometimes, we're already on the verge of opening that door. Then again, some people pull us back, stopping us from opening the door wide open,and because these people mean a lot to us, we end up having second thoughts. We don't want to hurt them but sometimes we are left to ponder, “Why are you pulling me, when in fact you should encourage me?”. Maybe these people are afraid that we will not be able to carry out the responsibility. But how can they say that? They didn't even try to let us do it and they were not yet able to see the results. Trust is not easy to give but we should not limit ourselves in trying to give that to people who deserve it. Maybe people are just afraid to give their trust to us because they fear that we will abuse it. A rational person will never do that and if they do break that trust, then something is wrong between their relationship.

If they continue to pull us back, not letting us try out things that may cultivate us to become a better person, then surely we will remain stagnant in our development. We should not be afraid to try out new things though there are really disadvantages, but if we just believe that that door can mold us to become a better person, then we can live life to the fullest.

We are entitled to make our choices, though sometimes we need to consult other people before making our final decision. We are responsible in handling our decisions. Yet some people are the ones making our choices and decisions in life. How can we learn if they do all those things for us? How can we mature and become independent?


Loutea Bersabal


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