Thursday, September 20, 2012


Three years ago, I underwent a state of confusion with people whom I regarded important to  me. I didn't know what to do at that time and all I can think of  is to get a pen and write down all my thoughts. So here it is:

I know that we're different in every single way. People come in different packages. Unique, I can say. Personalities? Tons of it. They may be your close friend, your worst enemy and so on. Some, you just can't predict. You may know them as:

a) A person that you can trust but suddenly, out of knowing, they betray you.

b) A person that you can rely on but when you need them in your most desperate hour, they vanish.


c) A person that you can laugh with but comes a time when you're down, they can't make you laugh, but is still there to support you.

Those are some of the packages. There are more to discover. You  may never know it but maybe someday a certain person whom you never thought you would be calling a friend, will suddenly come and make a difference in your life. People come and go. That's what they say and I agree to that. Not all people that you meet stick with you forever. Better face the truth, you just can't hold them.

Then again some people vanish into thin air and you never know the reason. It's just so sad because they never even bid you goodbye and you were left wondering what had possibly gone wrong. Some people just can't understand that leaving someone behind and not telling them why is a very heartbreaking thing. It's better to tell the truth than to conceal it.

-Loutea Bersabal

July 04, 2009

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