Friday, March 15, 2013

Good time @ Chatime

Summer's just round the corner and with the scorching heat of the sun, the best way to deal with this is to indulge ourselves with cool drinks. ;) And so after work, these beautiful creatures hit Chatime, located at eBloc 2 Asiatown IT Park.

This tea house offers a great variety of teas. Even for people who are not really into tea can still enjoy the comfortable ambiance of Chatime. They also serve smoothies, coffee, juice and some eatables to go with your drinks.

So, while waiting for this buzzer to light and buzz...

...of course, we had a little chit chat with my beloved friends.

And after a few minutes of waiting, finally the buzzer lighted up (thank goodness).

* Cocoa Smoothie and BBQ Flavored Fries



    Derp face man kaau ko dira. I am proud to be a photobomber.

  2. HAHA. At least you still have a pretty face ?(question mark) este . (full stop) xD

  3. I know right. ♥ Omai.