Friday, March 22, 2013

1, 2, 3... FIGHT!

You maybe thinking I'm putting myself in a battlefield. Guess what? You're right! I've submerged myself to a Boodle Fight at Captain A's Seafood Grill.

If you want to experience eating in a military way, try Boodle Fight at Captain A's. This is the only grill house in the city which offers this unique tradition of eating which is patterned from PMA.

There are a lot of mouth watering boodle sets to choose from and the prices range from P 1280- P 1480. All sets are good for 4-5 persons and all boodle fight meals come with unlimited plain rice, five glasses of iced tea and a fruit cocktail dessert.

We tried the Battle of Mactan (like what I said, I'm on a battle. Haha)

Battle of Mactan consists of:

-Bagoong Rice
-Plain Rice
-Grilled Shrimps
-Grilled Tilapia
-1/2 Chicken BBQ
-Kinilaw na Tanguige
-Ensaladang Mangga with Bagoong
-Salted Egg

We also tried Sinugba Festival which consists of the following:

-Garlic Rice
-Plain Rice
-Grilled Pork Belly
-Grilled Chicken
-Inihaw na Pusit
-Inihaw na Bangus
-Baked Scallops
-Monggo Soup
-Inihaw na Talong
-Ampalaya with Dilis

And because we had a birthday girl, we ordered Birthday Boodle too!

It consists of:

-Plain rice
-Pancit Canton
-Lumpiang Shanghai
-Pork BBQ
-Fried Chicken
-Grilled Prawns
-Grilled Tilapia
-Grilled Squid
-Cream of Mushroom Soup
-special Cake

It was  really a scrumptious meal! Try it now and commence BOODLE FIGHT! 


  1. PSSSSST. Hahaha. Yeah. It was one ubber fun lunch. And we were so noisy. Nganu wala man atung mga dagway intawn dira? Haha.

  2. You're right Mau. Sorry, I was just overwhelmed by the food. :P

  3. Charut Balot. Hahaha. Kung naa moy mga outing sa team, pwed magapil2x? Hahahha

  4. sureness Mau. Why not, chocnut?? :P