Thursday, March 28, 2013

See you Mau!

Words are not enough to express how I'm or let's say we're feeling now. This is the day that we're going to let this woman go.  It's hard for us to say goodbye to this beloved colleague.

For those who don't know this amazing woman, let me say something about her. She's...

Marvelous- Being with her is truly wonderful.

Amazing- When you get to know her, you'll soon discover her amazing talents. ;)

Unique- One of a kind.

Rambunctious-Sometimes you just can't control her especially when she's with children. She never runs out of energy!

Exultant- She's happy and always excited to try new things.

Exotic- She is really exotic especially when lamas is everywhere. (Boy, she so love lamas. haha)

Natural- She's all out a natural woman.

She is MAUREEN. 

And because she's been a great friend, I can't help but cry a river of tears inside my heart. She'll always be with us though she's a little far away.

We wish you all the best Mau and God bless you for all the endeavors that you're about to face.  We know you can do it! Go for gold girl. :*

P.S. Get updates from her. Check out her blog at mausarcon.blogspot


  1. o(╥﹏╥)o Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase staaaaaaaaaaaaaaahp. Pleasssse staaaaaaaaaaahp right now. Tara, thank you kaayo. Tagan ko pa lageh sa imung secret EBEL plan. Pwed na ko magbigtis daplin. Huhuhuhu.

  2. Amazing! Naka gets ka sa akong EBEL plan? aw, hahaha Okay ra na Mau, I just want to tell you how much you mean to us. *beautiful eyes*

  3. We'll always miss yah...Mah baby gurl....We can't cry hard enough...just look into our eyes...then you'll see how much you mean to us....

    WE LOVE YOU MAU!!!! always remember that......
    #Crajeefam #crajeeMama #Crajeedaughters #crajeeLOVE


  4. Ug sa dihang, karun ra ko kabasa ani. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAW </3 I miss you guys. I want to come back into your arms.

  5. booooooo. haha

    You're very welcome Mau! come back behbeh! :P