Sunday, May 10, 2015

Anda! Bohol's Little Paradise

Before going to Bohol, one of my friends texted me that if we have enough time, we must try to visit Anda Beach because of its white sand. Anda is not that popular yet for tourists but since we were also curious, we decided to visit it once we reach Bohol. 

On our second day in Bohol, we first went to a nearby beach in Guindulman and later in the afternoon, we rented a small boat that would take us to Anda. As we had our sightseeing, we were really awed by the beauty of nature. Looking at the sea, you can really see what's underneath because of the clear water. My friends even saw some turtles! 

It was low tide when we arrived at Anda so the long stretch of sand welcomed us! I was really beaming because it was really beautiful. The place where we docked our boat was in front of the town hall so it was just a public beach but even though it was public, the sand was really something. It's powdery white sand is really fine and just amazing! I was even thinking of bringing home some of it. haha

Anda is truly a beauty to behold. I hope that one day, when I return to this place, it will still be the same. :)

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