Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rope Course Conquered!

I have been to Mountain View Nature Park a lot of times already. The last time that I went there was last year after Richard's operation. When we went there, we saw this rope course and since that day, I have always been wanting to try the course. Then the day came last weekend. haha Together with Richard and our other friends, we decided to unwind in Mountain View. 

Upon arriving in the place, we immediately settled ourselves in one of the cottages. We filled our hungry stomachs, relaxed and goofed for a while.

At around 11:00 am, we started the Rope Course Challenge!

Make sure that you are wearing a comfortable outfit plus closed shoes with socks. If you are not wearing closed shoes and socks, and you really want to try the challenge, you can rent one. Before getting on the platform, we also need to sign a waiver. Then the staff will assist you in wearing and securing your harness. They will then orient you of the things that you must and musn't do.

After all the preparation, off we went! 

Level 1 - Walking (easy) :P

Me: "Ohw. This is so easy"
Level 2 - Balancing.

Josie: "Hello there!"
Level 3 - Crossing the net
*wasn't able to capture a picture here*
Level 4 - Zip line!

Level  5- Series of Tires

me: "This is fun!"
Level  6 - Swinging steps

Smile2x pa. :D
Level 7- Inverted T's

Then comes the hard part. I'm literally hugging these T's.
Level 8- Balancing. again.

me: "Now, this is getting harder mehn."
Level 9- Surfin'

me: "Woohoo!"
Level 10- The Grid

Level 12- Crawling the tunnel

Level 13- Spider web

Spider Woman. haha
Level 15 - Crossing the logs

Level 15- The String Swing

Level 16- Last stage!

And we made it! Yey!

It was a very tiring yet a very an unforgettable experience for us! One thing is for sure though, maybe I'll be having second thoughts going in the course again. hahaha 

After the grueling rope course, it was time to eat our lunch. Then we went for a walk around the park and in the afternoon, we went for a swim. I was a little disappointed though because the pool's very deep end is not more than 5 feet. -_-

At around 5 pm, the group then boarded the service van of Mountain View and went home as the rain poured heavily. 

Photo Credits: Ms. Riana 


  1. WOW. Sa pictures pa lang daan, nalingaw nako. Haha. Too bad I don't have a courage to do those. Igo ra ko take photos. :D

    1. HAHA. Lingaw jud xa Mau sa in. You should try it! :D