Saturday, August 30, 2014

Say hello to Hello Kitty!

I still remember when I was a child, my aunt sold some kawaii Hello Kitty items and each time there's an arrival, I get giddily excited to see it. haha But that's over now of course. :P Anyways, a few days ago, a news broke out about Sanrio's famous Hello Kitty. And what's the latest news? Well, they just told the whole world that Hello Kitty is not a cat! 

Photo source:

Huh?? Are you sure about this? Yes, they are sure about that. According to Sanrio, she is a little girl, a friend but not a cat.They said, Hello Kitty was never depicted on all fours because she sits and walks upright like a two-legged creature. Want more interesting facts about Hello Kitty:

- She's actually British whose real name is Kitty White.
- Her blood type is A.
- She loves apple pie.
- She has a twin sister named Mimmy!
- She has two pets. A hamster named Sugar and a cat named Charmy Kitty! 

So, what do you think of this news guys? Well, personally, I don't have a big fuss about this. It's just so weird and interesting. haha Whatever/Whoever Hello Kitty is, I still find her cute. ^_^

Check out Sanrio's link for more information. Have fun!


  1. That's a new revelation...a cute girl with a cats appearance. ;D

  2. I just find this disturbing. I mean, how can a cat with a cat's face be not a cat at all right? D:

    1. I agree with you Mau. It's really disturbing our minds. haha