Sunday, May 18, 2014

Strolling in Dumanjug's Park

I've been to Dumanjug town in the southern part of Cebu (a two-hour bus ride) a lot of times already and I never got the chance to make  a stop and take a quick stroll. So last April, I got the chance to set my foot on the park's ground.

Doña Josefa Paras Garcia Heritage park in Dumanjug town was opened last 2011 in honor of the woman behind some of Cebu's political leaders. It serves as a place for people to relax, a picnic place for family and friends and a playground for kids. Back in the old days, it was said that this place used to be the headquarters of the Americans during the Spanish-American War.

So if you happen to pass by the town of Dumanjug, make a quick visit in this park. :)

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