Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RiCo Corn Rice

Ask a typical Filipino what his meal comprise of? You will likely get the answer: a selection of viand and rice.

We all know that Filipino's love for rice has been running for centuries and that is also the reason why rice is considered the staple food of the Philippines.

Back when I was a young innocent little child, my parents and other oldies asked me if it's okay for me to eat mais (corn) as a substitute for rice especially when we are in the countryside for vacation. Since then, even if I'm in the city, I sometimes ask my mom that I want to eat mais nga rice (corn rice) but then she always told me that corn grits are different from rice. So okay. But now.. Here's Rico Corn Rice! 

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There are different kinds of rice. The most common is the one that we know which is white but aside from this, we also have brown, red, black and now yellow! Yes! Yellow rice. It's called Corn Rice.

This product is by La Filipina and it is basically made from corn. Because more people are noe taking corn instead of the usual rice, La Filipina tried this concept to transform corn in the appearance of rice grain.

So when you visit the Philippines, don't be surprised that in every meal, rice is always present.

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