Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sir Chip!

Chip Gatmaytan
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Last night, while I was listening to a local radio station, my attention was caught by an interview. The guest of the program was none other than a 10-year-old Daniel "Chip" Gatmaytan. So who is this kid? He's the one who inspired Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to pass the Senate Bill No. 3134 called “Healthy Beverage Options Act of 2011″. This bill aims to ban sugary drinks such as soft drinks in schools.

We all know that sugary drinks especially soft drinks don't have benefits and yet, many people are drinking them.

As I was listening to Chip, I've learned that you will not only have diabetes or tooth decay if you take in these drinks but as well as cancer, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, memory loss, neural disorders, etc.

So, do you still want to drink these drinks? Guess we all should stop it NOW! Good job Chip!