Monday, February 3, 2014

A Portrait

Guess who's this? 

It's none other than me! This portrait of mine was made by Tita Lyn. They said, it doesn't look like me (and I said, it looks like the maldita me. haha) but really it is me. :D Thanks Tita!

Tita Lyn or shall we say, Mrs. Lyn Deustch is born with exuberant talent one can have. She's a master when in it comes to designing and creating various art and craft pieces. 

                                                          photo source:

Be it a mural, a portrait, paintings, accessories, miniature houses, playhouses, clothes, etc. that you want to have, Tita Lyn can do it without difficulty! 

Check out her website @


  1. Really? Hahahahaha. The portrait looks like you.

  2. Taraloutea, the portrait doesn't look like you. Eheheh. BUT your aunt is an amazing artist. :)

    1. haha. yeah, I think it's something to do with the other eye. Anyways, thanks! She really is great when it comes to arts! ;)