Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Music 1

Dear people,

I know I have a bad voice (excuse me guys. xD), but then I was forced by the powerful force so I have no choice but to take the microphone. haha

Last Tuesday, after dinner, we sung our hearts out at  Music One. Music One is a family KTV and also a movie house located at The Walk in IT Park. The ambiance is also cozy and perfect for relaxation.

We booked a room for an hour which costed P298.00. There are also rates which are consumable, so you can order some food and drinks while you're watching your favorite movie or while singing your heart out.

That was my first time there and I admit I'm not really into singing especially if there are other people watching and listening. hahaha But because I was in the company of very hyped girls, I was infected with their energy. LOL

Last, but definitely not the least, meet Erika! She's one bubbly girl you should meet. :)

*Photo credits: Mau (


  1. Oh my. Haha. I am sorry that I brought along friends pero I also just can't leave them alone. At least nakakita naka sa glasses guy that I've been having my eyes on.

    And yeah, you are right. Erika is one bubbly girl and I'm happy she arrived safely sa Japan. Till next singing contest beautiful. xoxo

  2. It's okay Mau. ^_^ At least........I saw him. HAHA

    And I hope there will be NO next time for karaoke because I think Im'ma bring the house down. boooooooyyyyyaaaaaaa. xD

  3. It would be such a sight to see you bring the house down. >D Haha. It would be a marvelous sight. Haha.

    I hope we can do this again sometime.