Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Glorious Weekend

The countdown has officially begun! With time flying as fast as it can, July 2014 is just a few steps away marking the 27th of July next year as the centennial.

With only a year left before the centennial, the countdown started in Cebu and Canada. It was one glorious weekend as the countdown started with Lingap-Pamamahayag (Kabayan ko, Kapatid ko) held in SRP last July 26.

The event gathered a big crowd which estimated to 350, 000 people. During the activity, free medical and dental services were provided and most of all, the greatest thing we can offer to our countrymen are the words of God.

On the next day, INCLife and INCinema were held at Cebu International Convention Center. There was a photo exhibit in which it depicted the history of the church through the years. An inspirational play was also staged.

Aside from the exhibit and the play, there were also different activities for the brethren and guests.

And on the 28th, INConcert took place.

The 3-day event not only strengthen the bond of the brethren but also gave inspiration to move forward and be steadfast in their faith. Truly, all the blessings and where the church is now, is the work of the powerful hands of our Lord God.

To God be the glory!

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