Sunday, April 21, 2013

Plunging in Camotes

What's summer if you can't feel the scorching heat of the sun? What's summer if you don't cool yourself? What's summer without an escapade?

And because we can't stand our itching feet and the scorching heat and we think it's the perfect time, we plunged in Camotes Islands!

Camotes is situated Northeast of Visayas and is made up of 3 major islands. There's so much to explore in this beautiful island that one day is not enough. Surely, you'll be left wanting for more. ;)

How to get there:

We boarded a jeepney from Manduae hi-way going to Danao. In Danao, we took the 5:30 am trip for Poro, Camotes. The trip lasted for 3 hours and upon arriving there our shuttle was already waiting for us.

*Our shuttle service. 

First stop:

Buho Rock Resort is located at Poro. To witness the beauty of the place , you really need to take a flight of stairs and be enchanted by the view. One brave soul can even take a slide down to the sea!

*Buho Rock rocks! xD

*MU rocks Buho Rock! 

After feeding our eyes, it's time to feed our stomachs. haha We went around the town and looked for food. After a hearty brunch meal, we continued our adventure.

Second stop:

Timubo Cave in San Francisco. Getting in is not really that difficult because there were concrete stairs and lights to guide your way. As we were entering the cave, I was just expecting stalactites and stalagmites but I got more! The cave has an underground pool, cool eh? Of course, we dove in. The water was really crystal clear.

*going inside Timubo Cave.

*Enjoying the cool water inside the cave. :)

Third stop:

Lake Danao Park in Pajican Island. The lake which is shaped like the number eight is not only the largest lake in the province but as well as in the Visayan Region. Varied activities can be done once you're in Lake Danao. You can enjoy the scenic view under the shade of the trees, or you can even try horse-back riding but if you really want to satisfy your eyes and your curiosity, you can rent an outrigger boat ride commonly known there as "Sakanaw". If you like more adventure, then you can also do kayaking and explore the wonders by yourself.

*waiting for our turn (giddy faces. :P)

*kayaking Lake Danao 

After the fun filled activites that we had, we headed to Santiago White Beach. The pristine sand will welcome you with open arms (OMAI. haha) We checked in at Payag Beach Resort. It is one of the resorts that you can choose if you want to stay at Santiago.

*Santiago White Beach

The weather was not really that hot when we went there, it was even raining in some parts of the island.

We went for a swim eventhough it's low tide and had our photoshoots. :D

*Yvanne, Ms. Mitch, Tara and Mau

Late in the afternoon, I met Tita Lyn. She just recently opened a shop at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. She gave us a quick tour inside the resort. The resort is strategically located at the top of Santiago White Beach and it's overlooking the whole place. Looking from above will enthrall you. After the tour, she gave us a souvenir. Thanks tita!

*Check out Tita Lyn's website:

We went back to Payag and had some serene moments with the bunnies. ^_^

The following morning, our shuttle arrived at around 8:00 am and much as we want to stay longer in Camotes, we just can't. So we have to say goodbye and we'll see you soon!

It's more fun in the Philippines, it's more fun in Camotes. Onion Emoticons

*photo credits: Oda, Ms. Mitch, Dora (thanks guys!)

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