Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reunited <3

So, I guess I've been badly busy for the last month that I haven't got the chance to blog. (my apologies...)

The month of May was really,  really busy but despite the hectic schedule, I was able to attend a dinner reunion with my high school mates. Yey!

We had dinner at Captain A's (the same place where the MU team had our luncheon meeting and also the same room. HAHA) That night was filled with fun and laughter while relishing those memories that we shared when we were still in high school.

One of our mates who's now a seaman surprised us when he came in for dinner. But he was more surprised when the crew from Captain A's rendered a birthday chant/song to him (HAHA. brought to you by Rey-anne and company. :P) It wasn't even his birthday so he was really shocked when they greeted him. Our classmates were also surprised knowing that it wasn't Orly's birthday. HAHAHA

  *real men eats pink cake. haha

Reunited with my BFFs too! ^_^

Thanks for the time guys. Looking forward for our next bonding! Monkey Emoticons

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