Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome to My Little House

The child within us will always be there even as we continue to age. Even as a person grows old, there's still that enthusiasm that will always remain.

Memories will always take you back to the roads that one has traveled. Though we may forget that road, there will always be a memoir to take us back and remember the old lane.

Do you still remember the time when you used to imagine that you are the princess of your own castle? Your friends were you're knights? Or even imagine that your prince will one day come and you'll live happily ever after?

My Little House will take you back to your childhood as it offers a great variety of playhouses. Take your children to SM City Cebu and let them explore their imagination.

Take a peek of some of the playhouses that your children can play with.


P 50 - 30 minutes
P 150 - unlimited

So the next time you'll go to SM City Cebu, don't forget to drop by at My Little House. They're located at WOF near the food court.

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