Saturday, August 9, 2014

Manila MRT: LRT 3

So I'm not yet done with Manila posts. Yes. Today, I'm gonna share my experience riding the LRT.

For those of you wondering what LRT means, it stands for Light Rail Transit. There are several LRT stations in Manila as this is one of their means of transportation there.

So when we arrived at NAIA, my cousin accompanied us. Our plan was to take a taxi really but then my cousin told us that it's better if we take the jeepney and then LRT. Okay.. We don't have a choice really, we were all first timers in Manila. haha

After paying our fare, they give us a card which we will be using in checking in and out the train. Good thing it wasn't a rush hour when we boarded the train or else all of us will be standing for about 20 minutes. haha

We took the Yellow Line (Line 3) which is from Taft Avenue to North Avenue.

Here's the list of the stations that you're going to pass through:

1. Taft Avenue
2. Magallanes
3. Ayala
4. Buendia
5. Guadalupe
6. Boni
7. Shaw Boulevard
8. Ortigas
9. Santolan
10. Cubao
11. Kamuning
12. Quezon Avenue
13. North Avenue

We stopped at Quezon Avenue and rode a jeepney to our destination. It was a fun trip indeed! :P 


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    1. That would be great Sammie. :) I'll visit your blog too. Thanks for visiting!