Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Exploring Mall of Asia (MOA)

Last July 26, 2014, my friends and I went to Manila to attend the centennial celebration of the church. After the event, we had a day left to spare and so we decided to go to SM Mall of Asia.

SM Mall of Asia is dubbed as the second largest mall in the country so I was very excited to see it!

I really wasn't able to take a lot of pictures at that time because I was busy walking and looking at the stores. haha. It was really tiring and to think it was still early (or not really) in the morning.

We checked out the skating rink and we were giddily excited to try but then we don't have enough time for it. Sayang naman ang P300.00 na unlimited noh. -_- Better luck next time! We also strolled along Ocean Drive. Too bad the rides aren't opened yet.

We were also caught off guard when the boys went inside Bench Pinoy Lab coz they were having a sale at that time! They were soooo excited and eventually bought some shirts/polo shirts. Of course, the girls also did. haha

It was past 12 noon already and the group decided to have a quick lunch at Mang Inasal. We met a lot of brethren there too. After lunch, we went to J. Co-- and I was like a little kid so happy to see the store! I've been craving for J. Co and SM City Cebu hasn't opened their branch there yet. -__- So when we arrived at the place, I immediately went in and waited for my turn to be served! :D

At 3:00 pm. we boarded a taxi and went to the airport. Goodbye Manila! Thanks for the time!


  1. Wow. you should have tried skating taraloutea. :D

    1. I really would like to but I ain't got enough time. :D Maybe next time! haha