Friday, May 30, 2014

Kulsina Seafood and Grill

Last night, my mother and I decided to have our dinner in J Centre Mall located in Mandaue. We decided to try Kulsina Seafood and Grill. Looking at their menu, they offer a wide variety of selection. Since they are offering unli rice with their roasted chicken, we ordered that. The combo meal includes unlimited rice, quarter serving of their roasted chicken, soup and one glass of iced tea.

(*) The verdict:

Ambiance- 9
Service- 7
Food- 5

(1- lowest; 10- highest)

I was a bit disappointed with the chicken. The sauce was a little salty and it would have been better if they just separated it from the chicken. I didn't even ask for another rice (nag-unli pa. haha)

Maybe their other dishes are good but I suggest that they do some changes to their roasted chicken (suggestion lang naman. ^_^).


  1. I see. :O I love salty though. Haha

    1. ohw.. if you want to try, check it out Mau. hehe