Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blog Hiatus

Hello friends! It's been a looooooooooonnnggggg time since I posted something in this blog. You may be wondering what I have been up to these past months. Well, I am now working in a new place and since then, I guess things are running quick and though I have access to the online world, it's just that I cannot find time to post something. But I just miss blogging and sharing the stuff that I've learned or experienced so I will try my very best to be able to blog as often.  

As for now, let me share some photos:

This is my new environment. ^_^
My own version of trail mix. :D

Forever INC! 

My daily planner. 

UUU Orchestra from Japan. Amazing talents!

Books! ♥

Painting by a 4 year old boy. 

Painting by a 4 year old girl. 

Ciao for now friends! 


  1. Wow! I love this blog post! It's short but it gives much information about your new environment. I can see that you're having fun. Love this idea! :D ♥

    1. Hi Mau! Yep, it sure is fun here! Hope to see some time. ;)

  2. Hello Tar! seems your having a good time with your new job! :)
    wish to see you soon :)

    1. I miss you crajee family! Hope to see you soon too! ;)

    2. I miss you crajee family! Hope to see you soon too! ;)