Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cambais Falls (Alegria, Cebu)

Cebu has always been a beauty. The island has been bestowed with interesting culture and a lot of wonders of nature. When we went to Alegria to attend my childhood friend's wedding, we decided to explore a little bit of the place. We were told that there was a waterfall named Cambais Falls.

The walk is about 1 kilometer from the main road. Before entering the main area of the falls, you would need to pay Php 20.00 as an entrance fee. There are also cottages and rooms when you want to stay there for a night. The scenic beauty of the place will really captivate you.

Photo credit: Ms Diane
Photo credit: Ms Diane
Photo credit: Ms Diane
Photo credit: Ms Diane
There are three levels and we decided to go to the last level. When we arrived there, there were a few people in the area already and since the water was so inviting, we took a plunge! The water is super cold and I was like freezing already but nothing can stop us from jumping and taking a plunge. 


  1. How much is their room rate? Thank you! :)

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my blog post. :)

      For the room rates, we weren't able to check the rates.