Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yakski Barbeque

I have heard about this barbeque place in the city for quite some time already but I never got the chance to go there. So yesterday, we decided to check the place out and try their signature dish.

According to their website, Yakski Barbeque was started by Mr. Flaviano "Boyaks" Roxas. Since then, the business kept going as more people discovered the place. Yakski Barbeque is not your ordinary barbeque place. Unlike other barbeque places, the place is really clean. This is a total plus point!

We ordered their barbeque and Richard kept on saying that their sauce is really good. So when the sauce arrived, I first tasted it and YES! It really is good! They have two choices though, spicy or not. I vote for spicy. :P

When the barbeque was served, I excitedly took a bite. The meat was just the same but when you pair it with their signature sauce, something different will tickle your taste buds. haha Anyways, overall, Yakski's barbeque is indeed good, plus the price is affordable.

image from http://www.yakskibarbecue.com/
So if you're looking for a new barbeque place to go, try Yakski Barbeque. They are located at 268-B Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.

Barbeque. More fun in the Philippines!


  1. Waaaa. Tungod ani na post, nanga na nuon ko ug barbecue. Haha

    1. Try Yakski Mau. Their sauce, especially the spicy one, is delicious!