Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yolanda's Wrath

The aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda is still evident after it hit the Philippines last Friday, November 8. Many places in the Philippines have been put in a state of calamity at this time for the damages of the typhoon that left not just a scar in the areas, but as well as on people's whole being.

The northern part of Cebu was one of the places which were greatly affected. Though we were in the city, the strength of the typhoon was felt.

On the other hand, Bohol, which we can recall was the epicenter of a 7.2 earthquake last October 15, also felt the fierce of Yolanda. It's heartbreaking knowing that Bohol hasn't completely got up after the earthquake and now they're facing another obstacle which is the outcome of the typhoon.

But among the places where Yolanda made a landfall, it is in Leyte where it left severe damage. Up until now, some places don't have electricity and water supply available. Survivors are desperate for help. Watching the news and images just breaks my heart --historical places that were washed out, people's lives that were taken, people crying for help, traumatized faces of children-- these are just some of what the super typhoon has done.

This may be the biggest disaster of the year that the Philippines has encountered and as national as well as international aid pours in, may these help the affected areas in the country to rise up and stand once again.

Earthquakes may shake us, tornadoes might swirl us, typhoons might wash us away but whatever calamity that may come upon us, one thing is for sure and that is our faith will never shatter.

Bangon Pinas!

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